Director’s Report: March 2014

The Center, C4SS, had a rather interesting 2013, that ended with us having a large sum of money to play with.

But our fun will not continue without your help, your continued support and donations.

In order to make the case for why you should forgo a cup of coffee every month and donate to C4SS, the current Coordinating Director for C4SS will put together a report on what the donors received for the month and what future donors can expect. C4SS pays all of the writers that contribute and we prefer micro-donation swarms. We will certainly (re)publish free content as well as spend a big donation, but, as market anarchists, we are covetous of the resiliency and information embedded in trade and micro-donations.

So, what did you get instead of a cup of coffee?

C4SS published:

18 Commentaries,
12 Features,
4 Weekly Abolitionists,
8 Life, Love and Liberty blog posts,
4 Weekly Libertarian Leftist Reviews,
3 Missing Commas and
8 C4SS Media uploads to the C4SS youtube channel.

And thanks to our wonderful and devoted Media Coordinators our Commentaries have been submitted to media outlets around the globe as well as regularly translated into a growing number of languages:

7 Spanish translations,
1 Swedish translation,
17 Portuguese translations and
5 Dutch translations

Thanks to our talented and aggressive Portuguese translator and Media Coordinator, , Brazil has surpassed both Canada and the United Kingdom in the list of countries that most visit the site, making it second to the US. If you ever thought that market anarchism was or needs to be a global conversation, then C4SS is the place to donate. If we are missing a language (and we are missing a lot) and want to help, let us know.

Speaking of translations and global conversations, C4SS has been able to secure enough funding to pay for high quality translations of Kevin Carson‘s The Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Fist. So far we have translators signed on for Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. We have already received an Italian version. And we are currently looking for a Greek translator. If you can help us or know some one that might be able and interested in translating roughly 18,000 words of medium density mutualist-speak into Greek, let us know – we can compensate for their labor!

C4SS has a number of projects in the works that have already been paid for, we are just waiting for the work to be completed. To pique your interests I will name a few:

We have put together a symposium of sorts on David Graeber’s Debt: The First 5,000 Years. At the moment we have articles ready from Kevin Carson, Wolfi Landstreicher and William Gillis. It is only Charles Johnson that is still finishing his review.

C4SS is preparing two books. Kevin Carson has written an introduction to a Colin Ward annotated edition of Pyotr Kropotkin’s “Fields, Factories and Workshops Tomorrow”. This edition will also include a copy of Murray Bookchin’s “Towards a Liberatory Technology”. The other book is a collection of C4SS articles and studies concerning libertarian notions of and defenses for public property, with an introduction written by Roderick T. Long.

In the greater C4SS world, the “Markets Not CapitalismInto the Libraries project can report two successes and one bonus point. The Albany New York Public Library and the Stockholm University Library are both sporting new copies of “Markets Not Capitalism”. The Stockholm Library already had one so David Grobgeld put in a request to have Kevin Carson’s “Studies in Mutualist Political Economy” added to their catalog.

C4SS’s affiliated student network, The Students for a Stateless Society (S4SS), has added two new chapters, Texas State and Appalachian State University. The University of Oklahoma S4SS is hosting, along with other student groups, two speaking events with C4SS Senior Fellow and Molinari Institute President Roderick T. Long; Thursday the 27th, Eudaimonistic Approaches to Libertarianism and, Friday the 28th, Robert Nozick, Class Struggle, and Free-Market Socialism. OU S4SS is also gearing up to produce a new periodical they are calling The New Leveller. And the Appalachian State University S4SS is currently raising funds to ship C4SS Senior Fellow Charles Johnson out to speak during their university’s Social Justice week – please consider helping them out in their fundraising drive.

There are many more projects that C4SS is developing that I can’t go into because the details are still being worked out, but look forward to an update on our Entrepreneurial Anti-Capitalism project, details on a beta-test for a paid internship program and getting our political quiz, finally, working again.

Needless to say, all of this work is only sustainable through your support. If you think the various political and economic debates around the world are enhanced by the addition of left libertarian market anarchist, freed market anti-capitalist or laissez faire socialist solutions, challenges, provocations or participation, please donate $5, today, to keep C4SS going and growing.

ALL the best!




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