Spanish Media Coordinator Update

We had a few interesting Spanish-lang pickups between December 2013 and January 2014:

The translation for Sheldon Richman’s “The Pope Dabbles in Economics”, was picked up by El Librepensador, an independent online newspaper from Spain.

The same newspaper picked up the translation for Tom Knapp’s “Privacy 2014: The Fable of the Hoarder”, and “Privacy 2014: Scroogled?”.

These three pieces, as well as the translation for Tom Knapp’s “2013: One Era Ends, Another Begins” were also picked up by Before It’s News, which publishes our English-lang material quite regularly, so it’s interesting to see it publishing our Spanish translations too.

And last but not least, the blog of El Libertario, a prominent Venezuelan anarchist newspaper, published the translation for Kevin Carson’s ““Privatization” or Corporatism?”, as well as my “Patriarchy on Steroids: The Case of Venezuela’s Plastic Surgery Fever”.

We’re starting 2014 with a renewed effort in Spanish translation, with a commitment to post at least four translations of Op-ed pieces per month, and building a list of contacts of Spanish-lang mainstream media contacts that we will cultivate relationships with.

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