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“The ballot is only a bullet in another form. An appeal to the majority is an appeal to brute force. . . . Instead of actually fighting over questions, it is more economical to count noses and see which side would probably win. . . . The result shown at the polls indicates a certain stage of mental development in the community. As that mental development is changed, the political manifestations of it change also. So we are brought back to the original starting point. If we wish to effect the abolition of the State through politics, we must first teach people how we can get along without it. When that is done, no political action will be necessary. The people will have outgrown the State and will no longer submit to its tyranny. It may still exist and pass laws, but people will no longer obey them, for its power over them will be broken. Political action can never be successful until it is unnecessary. . .” — Francis D. Tandy, VOLUNTARY SOCIALISM: A SKETCH

“Thus the immediate program of Mutualism is presented: In the social sphere, it is the creation and support of such voluntary associations as will be able to supersede the present coercive system, and, in the economic field, the creation and support of such vol­untary agencies as will sharpen individual initiative and responsibil­ity, and free economic life from the oppressive hand of authority and privilege. . . . Mutualists, therefore, advocate the forming of voluntary associations which can demonstrate in actual practice that the various services and functions performed by governments can be furnished and discharged better and cheaper by such associations. . . . By withdrawing support from the State, where it may be done with im­punity, and by ignoring it wherever possible, and where its hand bears most heavily upon the non­invasive citizen, the rigors of governmental interference with individual liberty and with the practice of the princi­ples of Mutualism may be modified by creating a vacuum around the arch­-aggressor.” — Clarence L. Swartz, WHAT IS MUTUALISM?

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