Venezuelan Anarchists on Chavez’s Electoral Victory

In its 67th edition, El Libertario, an anarchist newspaper from Venezuela, predicted Hugo Chávez’s victory in yesterday’s election, and reflected on the consequences that such victory would entail for the country:

“Chávez’s victory will only be enabled by the oxygen provided by an opposition candidate ideal for his interests, a representative of Venezuela’s oligarchy who participated in the coup d’état back in 2002. Capriles gave Chávez the perfect scenario for revitalizing the polarization, with a discourse focused in the middle class and scarce connection with the popular sectors. Despite pretending an inclusive approach, it was never a secret that key decisions were always made by the high command of the country’s most reactionary and conservative party: Primero Justicia. And despite the evident disenchantment with the results of Chavez’s administration and the sustained increase of social conflict, held at bay by the charismatic expectations of the caudillo, in this scenario Capriles is unable to convince dissident Chavistas and wide sectors of the populace. The future would bring stronger statism in the communal sector, exclusion of more people from the benefits of public policies due to political reasons, and via a domino effect, the Bolivarian hegemony of provincial and city governments in the upcoming local elections.”

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