Media Coordinator Update

Dear C4SS Supporters,

This week I’ve submitted 3,561 Center op-eds to 1,781 publications. Yes, it’s a low number — it’s been a slow week for new content, and that content has been US-centric. Expect an increase next week.

Pickups: Eight!

  • Florida’s Hernando Today ran three C4SS pieces this week: My own “Mic Check: I See What You Did There” on December 31; Kevin Carson’s “The Whole World is Watching” on January 1; and David D’Amato’s “Labor and the Living Wage” on January 4. It’s always exciting when a paper starts picking up our stuff regularly or semi-regularly!
  • On January 1, O Heraldo — the largest English daily in India’s Goa province — published David D’Amato’s “A New Year of Global Protest.” We’re very proud of the continued inroads we’re making on the Indian subcontinent for the market anarchist message.
  • Infoshop News ran Kevin’s “The Whole World is Watching” on January 3. Last week, as you may recall, I posed the question of whether or not Infoshop is “mainstream media.” While I don’t want to falsely inflate our “pickup” statistics, the popularity of the site and its indexing in Google News have brought me off that fence — we’ll be noting inclusion of our articles at Infoshop from here on out.
  • On January 4, the Carroll County, Maryland Standard — another paper we’re happy to see running our material on a regular or semi-regular basis! — published Kevin’s “The Law — War By Other Means.”
  • The South Florida Sun-Sentinel — one of the largest newspapers in the United States — ran David’s “Election 2012: Pacifier for the Proles” in its web edition on January 5th, and informed me that they’re considering it for the print edition as well (usually we don’t know whether or not our web pickups make it into dead tree format).
  • Istanbul’s Etkin Haber Ajansi (“Effective News Agency”) picked up Kevin’s “The Whole World is Watching” on January 5.
  • I’m not counting it in our stats just yet, as I don’t have final confirmation, but the editor of Grafton, North Dakota’s Walsh County Record called the other day to let me know he plans to run David’s “Labor and the Living Wage” in that paper’s print edition.

This week’s reciprocal blogospheric link love goes out to Moorbey’s Blog, Jack Saturday, and the Grand Rapids Institute for Informational Democracy.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society

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