C4SS Media Coordinator Update, 08/12/11

Dear C4SS Supporters,

This week I’ve submitted 7,216 Center Op-Eds to 2,804 publications on six continents (that’s a little lower than usual — with David D’Amato’s much-lamented departure, we’re not publishing quite as much at the moment, and most of what we’ve published this week has been “US-centric” instead of “of global interest”).

So far, I’ve detected five “pickups” for the week —

Glass half empty: Only five pickups this week.

Glass half full: That’s one “mainstream”-published market anarchist op-ed per weekday … and I’m calling it a slow week!

The big foamy head on the beer in the glass: Full “pickups” are nice, but an extended quote and link on one of the top 400 web sites in the world is nothing to sneeze at. Forbes’s E.D. Kain has referenced our own Kevin Carson before. This time he picked me, and yes, I do feel special!

The little umbrella: C4SS advisory panel poo-bah Roderick T. Long took an opportunity to name-check the Center in a letter to the editor of the Opelika-Auburn, Alabama News.

Random reciprocal blogospheric link love: The New Beginning, The Anarchist Township, and Reason And Jest.

So, a good week, in my opinion, in every way except one. A “pickup” a day? Check. Internet fame via the magazine of billionaires? Check. Making some headway on a new project involving QR codes and video? Check. Money? Er …

Folks, please support the Center.

We don’t ask for a lot, and we do a lot with what we get.

We don’t make a habit of sending out those frantic “we’ll have to close our doors if …” appeals that some orgs use all the time, because it would be dishonest. We are bitter-enders here, and there will be a C4SS in some form until the sun burns out or Jesus returns or whatever.

On the other hand, a few bucks really is the difference between C4SS as a blog with good but irregular content, or C4SS as a vital media center for the market anarchist movement, getting the vision of a stateless society in front of literally millions of pairs of eyeballs on a regular basis. We’re burning the midnight oil to be the latter, and we’re succeeding. Please, if you will, help keep that oil trickling in.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society

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