C4SS Media Coordinator Update, 05/07/11

Dear C4SS Supporters,

Sorry for the late update this week — I’m running a bit behind.

This week, I submitted 8,454 Center op-eds to 2,819 publications and tracked six “pickups” …

  • On April 30, the Portales, New Mexico News Tribune published a lengthy excerpt from my piece, “On the Road to Nowhere with Johnson and Paul,” as “Their view: Government is vehicle that won’t take you anywhere.”
  • On May 3, “The crimes of national pride,” by David D’Amato, appeared in the Dhaka, Bangladesh New Age and the Deming, New Mexico Headlight ran Darian Worden’s “Good riddance Bin Laden: Now get rid of blinders.”
  • The Dhaka, Bangladesh New Nation published Kevin Carson’s “Knowing the Real Enemy” on May 4.
  • Kevin Carson’s “The Defeat of the United States by Al Qaeda” appeared in the St. Joseph, Missouri Telegraph [PDF] on May 5 and on Antiwar.com on May 7.

Three random acts of link reciprocity for the week: FU Corporate Media, Patrick Henry Press News, and We Never Jump Ship.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society

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