C4SS Media Coordinator Update, 04/23/11

Dear C4SS Supporters,

Whew — what a week! Some guy wiped out in his truck yesterday, taking out a utility pole, and with it my Internet access for 16 hours. That bollocksed up my “search for C4SS media pickups” routine, so I may have missed some; it also cost me a day’s worth of email capacity for submitting the Center’s op-eds.

The week’s stats in brief: 8,963 op-ed submissions to 2,835 publications; eight “pickups” (including a couple that I missed from last week):

Speaking of pickups: As you can see from these weekly updates, we have some “regulars,” we’re making some nice inroads in various international media markets … but we’re just not making a lot of progress on getting C4SS content into more local American newspapers. I think we can change that, with your help. Here’s a quick “action plan” for those who’d like to promote market anarchist media outreach:

  1. I currently submit op-eds to more than 1,800 US newspapers, so there’s a good chance that your local paper is on that list. Find out by emailing me and asking.
  2. If your paper is on my list, the next step is for you to contact the opinion editor and politely request that he or she start running C4SS material. Let me emphasize “politely.” Make sure they know the content is free. Ask them to have a look at our submissions. Make sure they know the content is free. Tell them that they’ll be getting unique perspectives that their readers have probably never considered before. And lest I forget, make sure they know the content is free.
  3. If your paper is not on my list, I can certainly put it there. Then you can go back to that last step and have your talk with the opinion editor.

It helps, of course, if you’re a paying subscriber to the paper we’re talking about, or if you can at least truthfully say that you pick up a copy every morning at the convenience store on your way to work. If you’re an advertiser, of course, you’re in a really good position to say “hey, there’s something I’d like to see in the paper.”

If this is something you’re comfortable doing, have at it, and thanks in advance!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society

PS: As you can see in the right sidebar of the C4SS site, our second quarter 2011 fundraiser is under way. Per my usual custom, I’ve made a donation that corresponds $100 per month of my pay here. My last “paycheck” was for half a month (January), so I’ve donated $20 in cash and $30 in-kind (renewal of service on the cell phone that C4SS’s number rings at) for a total of $50. If you like “match me!” contribution pitches, there you go.

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