A Brief Message from Thomas L. Knapp

I normally report on “media coordinator” stuff at the Center for Stateless Society once a week and avoid doing so in between, but this weekend has been pretty special:
– Kevin Carson’s article on “blowback,” addressing the situation in Egypt, has appeared in two premier regional sources — Lebanon’s Daily Star (distributed region-wide, including in Egypt) and on the web site of TV news channel Al Arabiya.
– We’ve launched blackcrescent.info for the express purpose of getting anarchist material (C4SS-sourced and other-sourced) into the … um, conversations … taking place in Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, et. al.
Since we started formal media outreach efforts last June, we’ve managed 155 reprints or citations of C4SS material in at least nominally “mainstream” media. Lately, we’re averaging 10 or more reprints per week and our material has appeared in newspapers on five of the seven continents (we’re still working on South America and Antarctica).
We’re getting better and better at  just about everything we’re trying to do for the anarchist movement … except raising the minimal funds needed to keep our projects going and expand our efforts. That’s something I try not to emphasize too much, since I’m one of the people who gets paid and I don’t want to come off as overly self-interested.
BUT! Some people at C4SS still haven’t been paid for work done last October (I think I may be one of them). To put it a different way, some of us have been working for three months or more “on spec” — we do the work and hope you come through to pay us for it.
And as this last weekend shows, we’re not just doing the bare minimum and waiting. We’re aggressively promoting anarchism while we continue to seek your support.
Drop in at C4SS.org, see what we’re doing … and please, help us keep doing it.


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