NEW! The Long Library, Episode 1: 10 Objections to Anarchism
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We’re excited to release this first episode of a new C4SS podcast with both audio and video versions, hosted by Cory Massimino!!

The Long Library 

Roderick Long is a C4SS Senior Fellow, philosopher, writer, anarchist theorist, and one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. The Long Library is a monthly series dedicated to interviewing him about his many writings which span more than four decades and explore topics ranging from political and moral philosophy to economic and social theory to metaphysics and epistemology to cultural and literary analysis and beyond. You can learn more about Roderick Long here and here.

Episode 1

In our first episode I talk to Roderick about his 2004 monograph “Libertarian Anarchism: Responses to Ten Objections.”  This is one of the first things I had ever read by Roderick and greatly hastened my journey to anarchism. It remains one of the most concise, accessible, wide-ranging, and good faith introductions to libertarian anarchist arguments and I always include it among the zines when I table for C4SS at book fairs and conferences. It makes for a great entry point into not only libertarian anarchist thought but The Long Library itself. I hope you all enjoy our first stop on this exploration of the writings of Roderick Long.

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