Call for Commentary on Palestine and Israel

Assumably, many of you are following the news out of Palestine and Israel. I’ve honestly had trouble keeping up. Not because I’m busy, but because it’s difficult to think about what’s happening and because most commentary on the matter has been, frankly, dogshit.

If there was ever a time when anarchist voices were needed, now is one of those times. I’m writing today to ask for nuanced commentary that respects all humanity. 

Our commitment to human life, self-direction, and peace is unique, and this past week has made that painfully clear. I know we will not all agree on the particulars. The policy recommendations, the cause and effect analyses, the moral lessons. 

But I know we can do better. I know we can say something that is neither apologetics for an apartheid state nor an excuse for indiscriminate violence as a resistance tactic. 

I trust y’all and I hope we can offer some kind of corrective to the violent, tyrannical thinking behind most of the commentary that’s been published on this horror from all sectors basically everywhere. We stand against Hamas, against the state of Israel, and against bombings, borders, rapes, and war.

With love and solidarity,

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