Mutual Exchange Radio: Sarah Skwire on What We Can Learn from Literature
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In this month’s episode, Alex McHugh interviews Sarah Skwire, Senior Fellow and Director of Communications at Liberty Fund about the importance of studying literature and language, and why social scientists should pay attention to works of fiction and literary history.

We got into quite a few interesting topics, including Shakespeare, early modern debates on economics, and how literature can be an excellent site for studying social debates from multiple sides and perspectives.

Sarah’s work can be found most often in the following places:

Next month, look out for Cory Massimino’s episode with Abigail Devereaux to discuss her work on complexity economics. We’ll also hopefully be publishing several bonus episodes about Ukraine in the coming month or so. It’s currently uncertain when those interviews will be done, but we’re in contact with anarchists in both Ukraine and Russia and working on getting a few dispatches together.

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