Green Market Agorist Episode 13: Privatizing Investigative Services (feat. Ann Skelerton)
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In this episode of Green Market Agorist, host Logan Marie Glitterbomb interviews private detective Ann Skelerton about what exactly a PD does and the potential role for private investigators and detectives in a stateless society.

As Logan notes at the top, GMA is now part of the C4SS podcast lineup! That means that very soon, you’ll be able to find GMA in all the same places as Mutual Exchange Radio and The Enragés. We’ve also cleaned up the release schedule a bit to help us keep track of all the new shows.

Running show notes for Green Market Agorist:


  • Intro song: Greenwashing by Appalachian Terror Unit
  • Outro song: Here Comes Mardi Gras by GGA-Music

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