New Podcasts at C4SS: The Outgroup and Green Market Agorist

Big things are happening in the world of C4SS audio content!

We’ve got a new show joining the lineup — Logan Glitterbomb’s Green Market Agorist podcast, previously unaffiliated, will now be supported by the C4SS podcast team, and available here on the site and on Patreon. 

And we’ve updated our Patron-only round table show with a new name: The Outgroup. While this show is generally only available to our supporters on Patreon, we’ve made a few episodes public, including our 2020 round-up episode

You’ll also be able to catch both of these shows at the upcoming Coup de Gras virtual fair!

The Outgroup team will be recording live for the combination Mardi Gras ball and anarchist bookfair at 9:00 pm CST on Friday, February 12th.

Logan will be recording an episode of Green Market Agorist with “That Dang Dad” to be released Friday, February 12th as part of the festival.

You can catch C4SS folks on a few other CdG panels as well! There will be a general C4SS panel on Saturday, February 13th at 1:00 pm CST featuring Kevin Carson, Nathan Goodman, Logan Marie Glitterbomb, Eric Fleischmann, and “Spooky.” Spooky will be hosting a panel around their pieceQueerness Is Not Collectivist, Reactionaries Are Not Individualists” at 3:00 pm CST on Saturday, February 13th and Alex McHugh will be appearing on the Egoism panel on Sunday, February 14th at 12:00 pm CST.

Register now to hear The Outgroup live, and to catch presentations from a wide variety of anarchist and anarchy-adjacent speakers, musicians, and activists! 

Here’s Logan with more on what The Green Market Agorist is all about:

In case you haven’t already heard, I have been hosting the Green Market Agorist podcast and YouTube/Bitchute channel in addition to my writings here at C4SS. My solo video output is sporadic at best but I keep a steady schedule with podcasts being released on the 15th of every month.

It is my joy to share these interviews and hope you enjoy listening to them. You can listen to the Green Market Agorist podcast on Anchor or Spotify and be sure to check out my YouTube and Bitchute channels while you’re at it. If you wish to support this project further and allow me more time and material resources to focus on it, you can do so by subscribing to the Green Market Agorist Patreon or SubscribeStar or by making a one time donation via PayPal or CoinPayments.

To learn more about The Outgroup, check out this post of our first-ever episode, which covers quite a lot of ground: 

On this episode… We discuss rising tensions between the US and Iran, as well as a number of controversies surrounding pride month from Taylor Swift, to companies and police at pride parades. Finally, we have a fun discussion about the ethics of throwing milkshakes at fascists.

To get access to every episode of The Outgroup, you can become a Patron of C4SS for just $2 per month on Patreon! We release a round table episode approximately every month, and Patrons get access to other kinds of bonus content, great C4SS merch, and now C4SS podcast mugs.

If you’re already a supporter, look out for a message soon so we can get these mugs to you. We’re excited to share them with you!

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