Statement on #YALtoo Campaign

While many in our network have likely already heard the news, in the interest of notifying those who haven’t, we’ve decided to share the following information on the ongoing #YALtoo campaign against sexual assault and misogyny in the libertarian movement. 

So far, most of the recent revelations have centered on Young Americans for Liberty staff, but YAL is far from the only organization (ours included) with these problems and we should all be vigilant against sexual assault and misogyny in our communities. 

In particular, We’d like to draw your attention to a survey being distributed by the Ladies of Liberty Alliance. Here’s LOLA’s announcement of the survey: 

It’s good to see people in the liberty movement finally speaking out about these longstanding issues. The C4SS team offers our support to the victims and to the folks at LOLA in their fight to reveal abuse wherever it exists and to hold responsible both abusers and those covering for them.

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