Radically soft

The following is part of the 2019 May Poetry Feature at C4SS.  

I love too hard comforted by touch, hearts warmed through passion, people, animals, places, things.

I feel too hard and I always take it personal, never accepted society’s expectations of hardness, never cold, distant, or afraid to take the leap.

Nothing is trivial, every person, thing, idea a burning revolution, these my sacred things. I crown my head with fanciful ideas of utopia, fairy tale ending, and vulnerability. I yearn to let out every feeling to act on love and being completely transparent, to let go and fall, to break free of others biases to shed innuendo and do away with flirting a tedious manipulative thing.

I do my best to be, to yearn openly and without humility, to trust and just be, anarchy truth, love and choice, radically soft is how I chose to live my life, my modus operandi.

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