Don’t Let Him Build the Wall: A Call to Action

With Trump’s recent declaration that construction of a border wall between the united states and Mexico is to begin immediately, many are left wondering how to respond. Such a wall, while being a seemingly insurmountable task to construct and practically ineffective, would not only cause diplomatic issues (indeed, it already has) but also environmental issues. This, partnered with Trump’s mass deportation plans, would serve to separate families and cost many working class people who work across the border their jobs. Considering the sheer amount of immigrant labor used in this country, it could effectively ruin the economy in some areas. In fact, immigrant labor whether “legal” or “illegal” actually helps our economy in numerous ways.

So how should we respond to such a personal, political, economic, and environmental threat? Well for such answers we can turn to another movement happening at Standing Rock. It is with this in mind that many folks are throwing around the idea of a border occupation to disrupt the construction of the border wall. For that we need thousands of people to occupy various parts of the border as they begin construction. So far it is unclear where construction will begin but that is no reason not to start planning our actions now.

We need to begin networking with various groups whose members would be willing to be out there for the long haul. We need to reach out to groups such as the Water Defenders, Black Lives Matter, Vets Stand, and the few remaining Occupy groups left. But unlike Standing Rock, we need to be prepared to not only face police and private security but also border patrol and patriot militias who could provide a greater threat. So while the aim should be for a peaceful occupation, we should also be reaching out to leftist groups such as Redneck Revolt, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, the John Brown Militia, and any other groups willing to provide protection for the border occupiers.

If they come to build the wall, we will be there. If they construct it, we will tear it down brick by brick. Be prepared, be vigilant, start networking now and plan to be there or plan to help those who will.

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