Daily Molotov: January 24, 2017

Welcome back to the Daily Molotov, all the news that’s fit to make you hate the state. Here’s today’s headlines.

From the New York Times

Donald Trump told lawmakers that the reason he lost the popular vote was because of “illegal immigrants.” It’s not true.

Also from the New York Times: Trump gathered the CEOs of major corporations to the White House to threaten them with a “border tax” if they took jobs out of the country. The UK Supreme Court has ruled that Brexit needs Parliament to give it the go-ahead. El Chapo is being held at a prison that former inmates call “tougher than Guantánamo Bay.” The US has abandoned the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. Sean Spicer had another press briefing; this time it wasn’t as confrontational.

From the Washington Post

Senate Democrats, in a ridiculous (and kind of hilarious) move, are mulling over a $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

Also from the Washington Post: A former mayor of Hiroshima has urged Trump to meet the remaining survivors of the bomb in an effort to make the President take nuclear weapons seriously. And yet, this is a man who named his own inauguration day the “National Day of Patriotic Devotion,” so I don’t know how serious he’s going to take survivors of a nuclear weapon strike. Julia Hahn is going to advise Steve Bannon. Hahn was a writer at Breitbart. And the CDC abruptly canceled a panel on climate change and its effect on public health, and no one knows why.

From Politico

Republicans are having a hard time keeping things together over the Affordable Care Act repeal.

Also from Politico: Donald Trump is assembling a shadow cabinet in order to keep the actual cabinet he appointed in line. Kellyanne Conway has a Secret Service detail because she’s afraid of the media. That’s super weird. Sean Spicer was bothered by being called a liar. In related news, the CEO of Dippin’ Dots tried to mend fences with Spicer. Spicer has continued to give the confectionery the cold shoulder. I’ll see myself out.


As Trump signed an anti-abortion executive order yesterday, West Virginia became the newest state in the union to only have one abortion provider within its borders.

Also from Trump’s nominee for labor secretary called Carls Jr. employees “the best of the worst.” Not quite sure how to take that from a man whose last name can be modified to read “putz,” but whatever.

From Infoshop News

Here is a running global tally of the Women’s March.

From It’s Going Down

What Counts as Violence? Why The Right Can Shoot Us Now.” Also, here’s an interview with Alexander Reid Ross.

From Jacobin

Kenzo Shibata has an article on the Women’s March up. Also, “We Can Make the Nazis Back Down.”

From The Nation

Dave Zirin was at the inauguration. It was tiny.

From the Intercept

Lawmakers in eight states now have proposed laws that would criminalize peaceful protest.

From Antiwar News

The United States has vowed to keep China from claiming islands built by China.

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