Daily Molotov: January 23, 2017

Welcome back to the Daily Molotov! It’s been… an interesting weekend, but it’s time to get back to the daily grind. Here are today’s top headlines from across the media landscape.

From the New York Times

President Trump’s first weekend was… fairly goofy. And not in any sort of endearing way. Against a backdrop of protest demonstrations taking place on literally every continent, Trump’s (and his administration’s) gaffes looked more like the mad scramblings of a tinpot dictator than a peaceful transition of power. From a press secretary who spent his first press briefing yelling at the press about crowd sizes, to a counselor who peddles “alternative facts” on political talk shows and who announced Sunday that Trump unequivocally will not release his tax returns, this weekend was wild.

Also from the New York Times: Foreign payments to Trump businesses violate the constitution, according to a new lawsuit. The Women’s March protests around the country (and world) gathered nearly 2.5 million people into the streets of major cities and small towns. Now people want to know: what happens next? Cervical cancer is killing a larger number of people in the US than originally thought. And tornadoes ripped through the Southeast US.

From the Washington Post

Margaret Sullivan comes in with the sharpest hot take, of course. Sean Spicer has ended the old way of reporting on the president. From Sullivan: “White House press briefings are ‘access journalism,’ in which official statements — achieved by closeness to the source — are taken at face value and breathlessly reported as news. And that is over. Dead.” Good!

Also from the Washington Post: An historic concrete ship was smashed to bits by California storm waves. Marco Rubio might not approve Rex Tillerson. But he probably will. Gambia’s former president took off with literally all of the country’s wealth. France is moving to the right, politically. The field failure analysis has come back from Samsung over why its Note 7 blew up last fall: “the battery components in the Galaxy Note 7 did not properly fit in the battery’s casing,” and “several manufacturing issues, including inadequate welding at the battery manufacturer, as the company raced to produce those new phones” in the second batch. So that’s unfortunate.

From PoliticoFederal workers are upset by Trump’s hiring freeze. Trump gives FBI Director James Comey a pat on the back for being “more famous than me.” And Wikileaks has called Trump out for not releasing his tax returns.

From Antiwar NewsThe cost of the air war between us and ISIS has reached $11 billion.

From The InterceptThe new CIA director-nominee is into torture. ALSO: Jeremy Scahill is starting a new podcast, first episode out on Wednesday!

From The NationScott Pruitt is not super great on the environment, which is a thing you know if you live in Oklahoma.

From It’s Going DownTexas prisoners are being punished for revealing horrid conditions. Also, IGD has a whole slew of protest reportbacks from this past weekend. Check them out here.

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