Daily Molotov: January 18, 2017

Welcome to the Daily Molotov, all the news that’s fit to hate the state. We’re finally back on schedule and at our regular posting level again after a tumultuous – yet exciting – couple of days. Let’s check out some of our latest headlines from across the media.

From the New York Times

The biggest story right now is still that Barack Obama has granted Chelsea Manning clemency, reducing her sentence to end on May 17, 2017. The fact that Manning will be a free woman almost seems like a dream. With Billionaire Freddy Krueger about to take office, my fear is that he’s going to make Manning’s remaining few months in prison a living nightmare. There’s still work to do.

There’s definitely more news, though. Edward Snowden’s asylum in Russia has been extended. The Trump transition team has barely communicated at all with the National Security Council. Eighteen million people could lose their health insurance with the repeal of the ACA. Gambia’s current president has dug in, refusing to accept the results of a recent election. Israeli security forces fatally wounded a Palestinian teenager on Monday and it was caught on video, sparking outrage.

From the Washington Post

Secretary of Education pick Betsy DeVos has been in hearings to see if congress will confirm her for the job. So far, that road is looking kind of rocky. Yesterday, the hearing devolved into a full-on shouting match.

Thirty members of the House of Representatives are boycotting the inauguration, but no senators are following suit. They’re chasing power. Apparently one of Donald Trump’s heroes is… uh… well, read this. A buildup of hydrogen sulfide and methane gas under a manhole in Key Largo, Fla. killed three workers and severely injured several more.

From Politico

Trump claimed he would “drain the swamp” under the Beltway by removing lobbyist influence. He didn’t. Also, he will be entering the White House without much of his cabinet, and apparently he “doesn’t like tweeting.” Finally, the transition team is looking at “retooling” the State Department to focus primarily on terrorism. You know, like the other four departments that do that.

From Slate

Rex Tillerson’s confirmation may be in jeopardy. Also, Tom Friedman doesn’t know anything – but you knew that. Betsy DeVos says guns are necessary in schools to fend off grizzlies, which, I mean. Finally, student data  security at public schools is unsurprisingly bad.

From The Nation

Symbolic protest is not enough. We need to “throw sand in the gears of everything.”

From Jacobin

Joe Soss responds to a terrible New York Times article on food stamps.

From Anarchist News

Here’s a letter from a French anarchist in prison about justice.

From It’s Going Down

Denver Anarchist Black Cross has called for support of a political prisoner in Colorado, Coyote Acabo.

From CrimethInc.

“Five Principles of Direct Action,” an analysis of the 2001 anti-inauguration protests.

From the Libertarian Institute

Erik Prince’s mercenaries are bombing Libya.

From Antiwar News

Douchebags think Chelsea Manning’s freedom is a national security risk.

From the Intercept

Erik Prince has been covertly advising Trump.

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