Daily Molotov Weekend Overview: January 13-15, 2017

Welcome to C4SS’s Daily Molotov, formerly News Bits, All The News That’s Fit to Hate the State With. This is a recap of the top news from this weekend as well as a look back at last week’s top stories. Podcast version here to come.

From the New York TimesScott Pruitt, outgoing Oklahoma Attorney General and buddy of the oil and gas industry, is shockingly antipathetic to attempts to regulate on environmental grounds. Related: here are 14 examples of this.

Also from the New York Times: SpaceX launched its first rocket since that launchpad explosion back in September 2016. Also, we’re not doing super great on that whole “police reform” bit. Here’s a really good series on the challenges and rewards facing Canadians as they accept refugees from Syria. This is how Chelsea Manning has been living since her conviction in 2013. Both Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circuses are closing down for good.

From the Washington PostDonald Trump went after Democratic Rep. John Lewis (who called his presidency illegitimate) toward the end of last week. It did wonders for Lewis’s book sales.

Also from the Washington Post: Protestors at UC Davis disrupted a “debate” between horrible person and pharmaceutical exec Martin Shkreli and horrible person and Nazi Milo Yiannopoulos. Dog poo was allegedly involved. Police in Evanston, Illinois violently arrested a man for stealing a car. The car was his. Mike Pence sure didn’t have any contact with Russia. No sir no ma’am.

From the US edition of the UK GuardianDonald Trump and Vladimir Putin will meet in Reykjavik after the inauguration. So that’s fun.

Also from the US edition of the UK Guardian: Jennifer Holliday canceled her appearance at the inauguration. Protestors in Louisiana are fighting Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for the Dakota Access Pipeline, over a new pipeline in the bayou. Immigration activists are making final preparations for Trump.

From PoliticoTrump has been slow to vet candidates he’s chosen that are part of the mega-rich class. CIA director John Brennan (who OU Students for a Stateless Society protested in 2014) called Trump’s “Nazi Germany” comment “outrageous,” which, I mean, true. Peter Thiel is considering running for California governor. Democrats from red states gunned for Jeff Sessions.

From Mic.comProtests against Trump’s inauguration have started, with a march dubbed the “We Shall Not Be Moved” march garnering a gathering of hundreds on Saturday. Donald Trump is not going to visit a black museum after he fought John Lewis. A Republican public official in Greenwich, Connecticut was arrested after grabbing a union worker in the genitals.

From AnarchistNewsWe have some updates on prisoners in Chile and Italy.

From Infoshop NewsA new indigenous and popular resistance group has been formed in Guerrero.

From It’s Going DownA call for militant femmes to march in Washington DC this upcoming Friday has gone out. Also, Mike Peinovich has been outed as the head of The Right Stuff dot biz.

From CrimethInc.Here are ten reasons to go hard in the paint on inauguration day. Also CrimethInc. has a new website and it looks so goooooooood you guys.

From Antiwar NewsTrump will be keeping sanctions against Russia “for now” after the inauguration.

From The InterceptThe Intercept has put out a call for submissions to any public official concerned about working under a Trump presidency.

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