The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 142

Lucy Steigerwald discusses U.S. nuclear policy.

Stephen Kinzer discusses the danger of American primacy.

Khaled Diab discusses Israel’s war on peaceful activism.

Uri Avnery discusses Abbas and Israel-Palestine.

Nadia Naser-Najjab discusses Shimon Peres.

Radley Balko discusses police brutality.

Karen J. Greenberg discusses what actually keeps us safe.

Ivan Eland discusses how the first debate shows both presidential candidates that they stink on foreign policy.

Nicolas J. Davies discusses U.S. foreign policy.

Daniel L. Davis discusses why the America as world policeman analogy fails.

Greg Grandin discusses how Human Rights Watch impacted the Colombian peace process in a negative way.

Jeremy Schahill discusses the murder of an American priest in Honduras.

Bill Bigelow discusses Colombus and the abuse of Native Americans.

Nozomi Hayase discusses Wikileaks.

Ali Gharib discusses Tim Kaine’s comments on the Iran nuclear deal in the recent vice presidential debate.

Daniel Lazare discusses Saudi complicity in 9-11.

Alli McCracken discusses the U.S.-Saudi relationship.

Ted Galen Carpetner discusses why the U.S. should end its alliance with the Filipino govt.

Steve Chapman discusses the Afghan war.\

James J. Zogby discusses U.S. support for Israel.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses Obama and the drone warfare program.

Justin Raimondo discusses the Saudis, Yemen, the Clintons.

Daniel Larison discusses the U.S. backed Saudi war on Yemen.

David D. S’Amato discusses liberalism, equality, and the modern corporation.

George H. Smith discusses belief and doubt.

Radley Balko discusses drug war raids.

Richard M. Ebeling discusses the economics of the Middle Ages.

Dilip Hiro discusses the increasingly multipolar character of the world.

Medea Benjamin discusses the U.S. backed Saudi war in Yemen.

Tom Cooper discusses the misinformation surrounding the war in Yemen.

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