Media Coordinator Monthly Update: September, 2016

Dear Supporters,

The mission of the Center for a Stateless Society is to introduce left market anarchism to the broader public through education and commentary on the issues of the day. That mission is ongoing, but I am happy to report that in the month of September (8/26-9/25), our writers and Fellows helped further the work along.

As Media Coordinator, I am vested with the responsibility to send commentaries out to newspapers, magazines and Internet publishers, and track our influence in those various spaces.

The following is rough data compiled up to the time of this report’s publication. This information is subject to revision at a later time.

September MVP: Logan Glitterbomb

It’s hard to put more content out per month than Kevin Carson, but in September, Logan Glitterbomb got it done. Her range of work extends from op-eds on anti-fascist graffiti in Germany to examinations of anarcho-syndicalism, agorism and illegalism in her contributions to this month’s Mutual Exchange. As of today, Logan published a grand total of six articles and was picked up 7 times by various publications and online outlets.

Outlets we love: Augusta Free Press

We gave the Augusta, GA Free Press a shout-out in an earlier weekly update, but it cannot be overstated: this local independent paper serving the city and county of Augusta has consistently published our work, and for that we’re thankful.

Another notable outlet in recent weeks has been the Gilmer, Texas Mirror, which has been republishing pieces by our writers with increased gusto.

The Month in Pickups

So, how did C4SS do in terms of commentary publications and pickups? I would say it was a fairly solid month for us. From August 26 to September 23, we put out 15 commentaries – that’s a commentary every other day. While much of the coverage was aimed toward events in the United States, we did have a smattering of coverage of goings-on in the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany from Logan Glitterbomb and Billy Christmas.

Some notable pickups for our articles published in September include:

  • Logan Glitterbomb – “Indigenous Property Rights and the Dakota Access Pipeline,” Counterpunch.
  • Trevor Hultner – “Colin Kaepernick’s Bold Stand,” Antiwar Blog.
  • Meg Arnold – “Responsibility and Freedom: A Defense of Safe Spaces,” Students for Liberty Blog.
  • Kevin Carson – “Why Are the ‘Adults in the Room’ So Awful?” The Libertarian Alliance.
  • Kevin Carson – “Time to Deprogram From the Cult of National Unity,” Counterpunch.

10th Anniversary Essay Contest

C4SS turns 10 years old this October! This is a momentous occasion for us.

Ten years is an immensely long time for any anarchist project to exist, period. Ten years on the Internet? An eternity. We couldn’t have done it without your support, and we’ll be talking more about that in a later Media Coordinator Special Report, but right now, we want to announce something special to celebrate.

If you have ever wanted to write for the Center for a Stateless Society, here is your chance!

Starting today, Sept. 25, we are opening up our article submissions process to all prospective writers who have something to say about anarchism and current affairs in the first-ever C4SS Essay Contest. The desired topic is elections, but you can write about whatever you like.

We will pick three writers to publish as new C4SS contributors starting on October 26. Their essays will be judged on four criteria; clarity, style, relevance and anarchist commitment:

  • Can the writer get their point across clearly?
  • Does the writer have a distinct writing “voice?”
  • Is the writer’s topic timely, relevant or newsworthy?
  • Can the writer explicate their point in an anarchist context?

The winners will be notified by November 6, and their essays will be published as C4SS commentaries through the month of November. Additionally, at the end of our fiscal month for November the winners will receive $25 each and the opportunity to continue writing for C4SS moving forward.

Submissions are open today. Kindly send all essay submissions of 500 to 750 words, comments and queries to

Donate! It’s how we get paid – and it’s how we pay others

The Center for a Stateless Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Its rotating cast of Fellows and volunteers work tirelessly to bring market anarchist content to all corners of the world. The work we do – writing, translating, setting up discussion fora, tabling at events like the upcoming Students For Liberty Regional Conferences all over the United States, and more – is paid for by your contributions. For the past decade, you have supported us in the act of spreading anarchy and working toward a better world. We look forward to the next ten years.

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