The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 136

Joseph Cozza discusses the conflict in Yemen and how to resolve it.

Ramzy Baroud discusses the repression of civil society groups opposed to Israeli policy.

Stephen Zunes discusses the bellicose rhetoric of both major party platforms on Iran.

Medea Benjamin discusses the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia and their use in Yemen.

Glenn Greenwald discusses the donation of money by repressive Middle Eastern regimes to the Clinton foundation.

Jacob Sullum discusses the Philipine’s war on drugs.

Ivan Eland discusses whether the American Department of Defense is providing much ssecurity.

Ted Galen Carpenter discusses U.S. policy in the Baltic region.

Jim Miles discusses a book on Israel and the Arab world.

Steve Chapman discusses paranoia about safety in the U.S.

Cesar Chelala discusses Gitmo.

Ashley Smith discusses anti-imperialism and the Syrian revolution.

K. Lloyd Billingsey discusses the use of armed agents to enforce ever more laws.

Andrew Mitrovica discusses the BDS movement in Canada.

Doug Bandow discusses the peril of excessive alliances.

Ann Wright discusses boats sailing to the Gaza Strip.

Richard M. Ebeling discusses John Locke and American individualism.

Doug Bandow discusses why Washington is addicted to perptual war.

Marjorie Cohn discusses the poster child for Bush era torture.

Charles V. Pena discusses why South Korea should defend itself.

Andrew Cornell discusses anarchists and the welfare state.

Richard M. Ebeling discusses Austrian economics.

Belen Fernandez discusses disappearances in Latin America.

James J. Sheehan discusses two books on U.S. foreign policy.

Neve Gordon and Nicola Perguini discuss human shields and international law.

Alice Bach discusses a book on Palestine.

Jim Miles discusses a book on Palestine.

Radley Balko discusses a DEA atrocity.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses bipartisan warmongering.

Justin Raimondo discusses Hilary’s speech to the American Legion.

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