Kevin Carson on Robot Overlordz Podcast

On April 19, 2015, C4SS’s Kevin Carson appeared on the Robot Overlordz podcast. Carson holds the Karl Hess Chair in Social Theory at C4SS. Carson’s Desktop Regulatory State is now available for purchase at Amazon. Don’t forget to Fund the Revolution and contribute to C4SS’s bottom line when you purchase your copy.

From the Robot Overlordz descrption of the interview:

Are we living through the end of capitalism? What will replace what has been the dominant economic system of the planet for the last several hundred years? We’re joined this episode by Kevin Carson of the Center For a Stateless Society to talk about the future of economics, markets and work. What will the society of the future look like? Plus a little bonus discussion of one of the earliest Internet philosophers, Robert Anton Wilson.

The clip is about a half hour long.

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The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory