Editor’s Report, February 2016

This month’s Editor’s Report may be brief, but that’s by no means an indication that our output has slowed. In fact, our prolific writers managed to produce a commentary or feature article almost every single day this month. My personal favorite was Nathan Goodman’s Don’t Change the Players, Change the Game. For those still under the illusion that Bernie Sanders represents revolutionary reform, I recommend reading Nathan’s views on the matter.

Sheldon Richman’s commentary, Bush, 9/11 and Iraq: Trump Gets It Right, was reprinted by the Chicago Sun Times. This is a great pickup for C4SS. Although one of our goals is to counter the establishment media’s false narratives by offering an alternative platform where you can read about current events, I’ll never complain when we infiltrate a corporate media stronghold.

C4SS is excited to have published Kevin Carson’s latest study. It’s titled, Techno-Utopianism, Counterfeit and Real. Carson calls it “a survey of post-scarcity and p2p models on the Left and a response to Old Left types who see any kind of techno-utopianism (or anything at all on the Left that emphasizes decentralism and horizontality) as a Trojan horse for Newt Gingrich-style liberalism.” It’s available under the Studies section of the website, or as a downloadable PDF file.

Thanks again to all of our readers and generous financial supporters. We rely on you to keep us going. If you’re new to C4SS and enjoy our work, please consider making a donation to C4SS via Paypal, Patreon, or any of our other countless giving platforms.


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