December 2015 C4SS Audio/Visual Coordinator Report

Article Uploads

In December, I uploaded the following four readings from myself and John Moore to the YouTube and the Jellycast feeds:

Aylan’s Shoes by Grant Mincy

Cut Out the State, Free Entrepreneurship by Nick Ford

Limiting Conditions and Local Desires by Shawn P. Wilbur

Are We All Mutualists? by Kevin Carson

Currently, I am prioritizing the recording of Mutual Exchange articles. I am still churning through the November/December Mutual Exchange symposium: Property: Occupancy and Use.  I hope to have the most read ones recorded within the next couple of months.

Other Projects

The intern interviews are still pending. However, with the holiday season finally being over, I anticipate scheduling will be much easier.

Nick has been diligently uploading Christopher King’s excellent reading of Gary Chartier’s Conscience of an Anarchist. Here is the most recent upload.

I am still planning to begin a weekly or monthly news commentary podcast within the next few months. The exact timing of this project will depend on how many volunteers are available to help with it.

Social Media Figures

Facebook: net +7 Likes

YouTube: 2305 views in December 2962 views in November, 82,790 total

+21 net subscriptions in December, +10 net subscriptions in November, 1229 total Subscribers

Earnings Estimates: $5.62 in December, $4.36 in November, $36.02 Lifetime Earnings

Please Volunteer

A meaningful audio-visual media presence takes a lot of effort. In November, I spent 20 hours doing everything from writing this monthly report to editing other readers’ audio to planning future interviews. This amount of time likely needs to double in order to ensure consistent improvements in the quality of our output and growth of our subscriber base.  Bottom line, Feed44 needs readers, editors, and content creators!

Do you have a recording setup that you’ve been letting go to waste by not recording C4SS articles? Drop us a line and we can help you fix that.

Are you bursting with ideas for visual accompaniment to all your favorite C4SS articles? Message me and we can help you bring those ideas to life.

Do you want to rant about market anarchist philosophy and the abolition of the state, discuss great works of left-libertarian authors with like minded individuals, and interview the leading lights of the left-libertarian movement? Let us know.

Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory