Costa Rica News on the “Animal Issue”

Upon reprinting my October C4SS commentary, Animals Aren’t Property: Circus Edition, The Costa Rica News added a thoughtful postscript worth sharing here:

However small, Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Said title has made the country think seriously about the treatment, use and exportation of animals. Here, circuses are more known for majestic acrobats and aerial dancers. From marches against animal abuse to rumors that they may close down the zoos, the pura vida nation is well on its way to earning a gold star.

That said, there is another side to animal maltreatment that is not mentioned above. Many poachers still find their way into Costa Rica’s borders, harvesting turtle eggs from its plentiful coasts or simply using the country as a pass-thru to sell rare animals on the black market.

El Manantial is a macaw sanctuary located in the city of Puntarenas. While this sanctuary works with many injured or endangered birds, the majority have been confiscated by authorities — and not just macaws either. Other types of parrots, jaguars, tapirs and monkeys have also made their way into El Manantial post-confiscation. Other sanctuaries and refuges within Costa Rica include: The Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center, Sibu Sanctuary, the Sloth Sanctuary, Osa Wildlife Sanctuary and the Jaguar Rescue Center among many smaller projects.

Unfortunately, back in libertarian-land treatment of the article remained less serious, further proving my point that, by and large, libertarians have trouble grappling with the issue.

To quote the latter critic linked-to above:

As to humans v. non-human animals … God is sufficient an [sic] answer.

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