Audio/Visual Coordinator Report – October 2015

What Has Been Done

Article Uploads

In October, I uploaded the following 6 readings to the YouTube and the Jellycast feeds: Kevin Carson’s At Reason, War is Peace … and TPP is “Free Trade” and Will Free Markets Recreate Corporate Capitalism?; Jason Farrell’s Why Libertarians are Failing at Politics and The Natural Right of Encryption; Joe Szymanski’s Autonomy for the Students of PSU; and Dawie Coetzee’s Dieselgate: Why VW Will Come Out Smelling Like Roses.

Many thanks to Athena Roberts, Mike Godzina and Katrina Hafner for joining me to narrate these articles.

Other Projects

I recorded an interview with Kelly Vee, the first of three interviews with the C4SS interns. It needs some audio on my part re-recorded, but that will have to wait until I am back from vacation.

Athena Roberts recorded a fundraising piece for the Tor Node which will be added to the end of some podcasts in the future.

I made a post requesting volunteers, and so far, I have gotten 3 responses, 1 of which actually gave me sample audio, Michael Storm, whom I added to the media project group.


Facebook: 4 Likes
YouTube: 2808 views in October, 3638 in September, 76,463 total
+39 net subscriptions in October, +16 net subscriptions in September, 1210 total Subscribers
$4.09 in October, $5.59 in September, $24.70 Lifetime Earnings
Stitcher Analytics were unavailable at the time I wrote this report.

What Is Being Done

Article Uploads: Kevin Carson’s A “New New Deal” for the Old Economy and Charter Schools, and Other Right-Libertarian False Gods; James C. Wilson’s Floating through New York’s Underground Economy; Steven Horwitz’s Will Truly Free Markets be Truly Different; Derek Wall’s Corporate Capitalism, Not Simply a Product of the State.

These are the articles that are currently up for recording. No one has signed up for them yet, and I will not be around for the next week to prod people into doing so. If any of them go over a month old, I’ll replace them with the highest ranked article according to Feedly that was published in the last month. I actually don’t know how well Feedly tracks to actual raw number of page views, though I suspect it’s probably close. I would like to get that information if it is readily available though.

I will also definitely record all the articles from the Mutual Exchange series this month regardless of their ranking.

Other Projects

I will interview Benjamin Blowe when I get back from Mexico and TJ Scholl after that. These interviews should be completed and published in November.
The video montages did not come together like I wanted them to in October. In November, this should change. Expect at least two video montages next month.

What Will Be Done

Long term, I have a few goals:

Get more volunteers. Having readers is nice, but I want to find other people who can edit and put video montages together. Ideally, I want to move my role to being one of final approval and pressing the publish button.

I want to expand the number of interviews being done. My plan is to get to an average of 1 interview a week with each interview running about 30 minutes.

Improve outreach. Right now, videos are being posted in the same groups every time without a whole lot of thought about relevance other than the group being left-libertarian-ish. I’d like to drill down and start sharing to interest specific groups according to the article in question.

Improving analytics. This report will be far more spreadsheet based in the future.

What Can Be Done

Find me a co-coordinator. I spent around 40 hours doing Feed 44 related stuff in October. That’s a little lower than it will usually be because it was my first month and I had to wind down some other obligations I had. However, I probably won’t be able to spend more than 60 hours a month on Feed 44, and I suspect that in order to do this job really well, I would need to spend around 80 hours. So, I could probably use an assistant or co-coordinator of some kind. Obviously, I’m trying to get more volunteers and among them may arise the trusty sidekick I’ve always wanted, but in the meantime, I’m a Frodo without a Samwise.

How Folks Can Donate to C4SS

I already mentioned the Tor Node recording which will start appearing soon. Additionally, each interview will include a mention of the long list of places you can give us money. That’s all I have planned for now, but I’m open to suggestions.

Please help keep us going and growing by making a donation via Paypal, Patreon, or any of our other countless giving platforms:

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