Media Coordinator Report, August 2015

This is my first Media Coordinator report and I have a lot of ground to cover. August was the month I took over the media operations and was also the month I had to take an extended leave to get a back surgery. Thankfully, my back is fixed, bolted in place, and media coordination is up and running. Below, I post numbers for July — which I believe needed to be covered in more detail — and August. Also, I’ll make some remarks on the direction I’m taking C4SS’s media operation.

July numbers and notes:

Numbers and other interesting notes for August:

C4SS’s Media Coordination activities are undergoing an overhaul. During the many years of Tom Knapp’s tenure, C4SS’s main outreach operation was focused on trying to get our op-eds on local newspaper pages. I believe, however, that we haven’t given proper attention to websites, which have gained relevance over the years. Thus, I’ll try to do in the English Media Coordination the same thing I’ve done successfully in the Portuguese Media Coordination (which has been under my watch for over a year now) and shift focus to the internet.

My goal is to build a sizable list of local web outlets that will be getting a stream of our content — and I’ve already started doing it, having compiled a 700+ list of addresses.

Not only that, but since C4SS works on a wide range of topics, my goal is to strengthen relationships with several outlets that share some our ideas and should be open to our writing. I’ve already compiled several lists of internet media outlets that focus on a variety of topics (environmental, educational, leftist, libertarian, foreign policy, and so on), and that have been and should be open to our work. Also, since these outlets tend not to be constrained by the usual op-ed style rules, I will be sending our feature articles to the appropriate outlets as well.

The objective is to get more eyeballs on our content, and I’m determined to do it!

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