The Weekly Leftist Libertarian Chess Review 73

Andrew Bacevich discusses the national insecurity state.

Melvin A. Goodman discusses the CIA’s double standard.

Ahmad Barqawi discusses Libya, ISIS, and the luxury of hindsight.

Roger Annis discusses Ukraine’s extreme right.

Logan Albright discusses private enterprise vs free enterprise.

Laurence M. Vance discusses what conservatives get wrong about healthcare.

A. Barton Hinkle discusses ISIS, communism, and the lure of utopianism.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses for profit prisons and the War on Drugs.

Heather Gray discusses the militarization of American police forces and foreign policy.

Jim Lobe discusses the message behind the Senate GOP letter to Iran.

Jeff Mackler discusses Obama’s new “War on Terrorism”.

Sheldon Richman discusses the lust for war with Iran.

Andrew Cockburn discusses why Obama’s strategy against the Islamic State will fail.

Arun Gupta discusses how ISIS became the face of evil.

Kevin Carson discusses treason.

Sheldon Richman discusses a critique of libertarianism.

Glenn Greenwald discusses whether Obama’s sanctions on Venezuela are really motivated by human rights or not.

Justin Raimondo discusses whether Venezuela is a threat to U.S. national security.

Ryan McMaken discusses taxation and the draft.

Michael S. Rozeff discusses whether Russian aggression in the Ukraine occurred.

David Gordon discusses a book on Lincoln.

Richard M. Ebeling discusses business and corruption.

Peter Maass discusses atrocities committed by U.S. trained Iraqi forces.

Steve Horowitz discusses using constitutional protections for liberty friendly purposes.

Thomas L. Knapp discusses a potential war with Iran.

Daniel Larison discusses the case for an unnecessary war with Iran.

Conor Friedersdorf discusses the lack of conservative outrage over Ferguson.

Josh Harkinson discusses right-wing Israeli settlers and U.S. subsidies.

Scott Shackford discusses how Terry Pratchett made him a libertarian.

William Pfaff discusses the Ukraine as a foreign policy disaster

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