The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 40

Musa al-Gharbi discusses Obama’s foreign policy.

Alice Slater discusses how drone assassinations violate the rule of law.

Bert Sacks discusses sectarian violence in Iraq.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the appeal of ISIS.

Shamus Cooke discusses regional war in the Middle East.

Kevin Carson reviews a new book by Rich Lowry.

William Rivers Pitt discusses the long arc of history.

Noam Chomsky discusses America’s real foreign policy.

Patrick Cockburn discusses government paralysis in Iraq.

Justin Raimondo discusses Japan’s constitutional revisionism.

Mahmoud Abu Rahma discusses the Israeli treatment of people in Palestine.

Pepe Escobar discusses ISIS.

Grant Mincy discusses American anarchism.

Uri Avnery discusses the watch on the Jordan.

Serge Halimi discusses when Obama got it right.

Richard Gamble reviews The Great and Holy War: How World War 1 Became a Religious Crusade

Karen Kwiatkowski discusses Lew Rockwell’s new book. I am not an ancap, but it has some good stuff relevant to libertarian leftists.

Thomas Dilorenzo discusses the American religion of violence. I am not in full agreement with it.

Binoy Kampmark discusses writing the imperial script.

Noam Chomsky discusses the sledgehammer worldview.

Lawrence B. Wilkerson discusses Dick Cheney.

Bill Quigley discusses the short shafting of veterans by the government.

Joe Boehem discusses the source and nature of rights.

Ivan Eland discusses World War 1 as key for today’s foreign policy.

Bonnie Kristian discusses how war is just one more big government program.

Sheldon Richman says let the immigrants stay.

Xavier Best discusses the U.S. role in child migration to the country.

Nozomi Hayase discusses Wikileaks and free speech.

Ludek Pachman loses to David Bronstein.

Alexander Petrov defeats F. Alexander Hoffmann.

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