Against Iran: False Rationales and Rank Hypocrisy

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help feeling as if the recent passage by the United Nations of increased sanctions against the Iranian government for its alleged fledgling nuclear weapons program isn’t simply a pretext for another Iraq or Afghanistan somewhere in the near future. After all, the effectiveness of such new restrictions on Iranian state activity is likely to be about the equivalent of the last round levelled against North Korea: A freeze on banking in Myanmar, and a ban on “luxury items.” Superb. So the fact that Kim Jong-Il was reduced from drinking boxed California Zinfandel wines to 40-ounce lager beers imported from Canada, or that his favorite brand of French caviar must now be purchased from a middleman in Stockholm, is really going to deter him from seeking and maintaining a nuclear weapons arsenal. Get real.

The Iranians, President Ahmedinejad not the least among them, having been having a few good chuckles over the U.S.-marshalled U.N.’s latest display of uberstate tyranny, almost openly stating: “Go ahead — invade us. You’re already getting your infidel asses kicked on two or more of our borders, so why not dive in headfirst and live out your 21st century version of war in Indochina. Go for it, for Allah’s sake! Why not? We dare ya!”

In a far saner world (one without governments), it’s unlikely nuclear weapons would be very popular at all. After all, you don’t incinerate your customers and employees, nor does doing so earn you a very favorable reputation in the free market arena. Further, there would be no arbitrary government “borders” to defend based on the whims and corruptions of bureaucrats. No one would be trying to prevent any individual or group thereof from having any object or product, as that represents a lot of energy and capital wasted when it could be used to simply compete with them and try to peacefully put them out of business – or at the very least whittle down said competitor’s share of the market. And all of this based on voluntary transactions entered into for mutual benefit, rather than the coercive involuntary taxation levelled and enforced at gunpoint by governments solely in order to sustain their power and domination under the false auspices of maintaining justice, order, and peace. I ask, how is that even conceivable given the immediately violent nature of government by virtue of its most basic and essential features?

Answer? The state-issued rationale for the existence of any given state doesn’t ever hold up to the light of sane, logical analysis. After all, what hypocrisy is openly contained in the U.S.-led U.N. charge against Iran when the U.S. government is the only institution to date to actually use nuclear bombs against another people (Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, 1945) — and in the fact that the Israeli state, inextricably allied with the U.S. government on this issue, has possessed for some time their own nuclear arsenal, and one just as surreptitiously acquired using U.S. help.

Governments — including the Iranian one — are never what they appear to be. They are, in reality, power brokers who exploit and enslave the populations over which they arrogantly and with baseless reason control in order to build and consolidate their own power and domination. And that, in spite of a few bones thrown to the hoi polloi, is all that they will ever amount to. It is time for Americans, Iranians, and all of humanity, to recognize this salient truth — and to then hurl off the shackles of moral, economic, and physical suicide at the hands of all bureaucratic monsters for all time.

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