Missing Comma: Announcing the C4SS Podcast Network

So, this is pretty exciting. As of today, C4SS podcasts is a thing! You can grab the RSS feed here, and very soon we will have confirmation from iTunes and Stitcher Radio that we’ve been added to their sites as well.

So why podcasts? Don’t y’all have YouTube?

The Center does indeed have a YouTube channel, but as we’ve been increasing our output of audio recordings, the demand for an audio-only podcast version of these recordings has risen as well. Also, YouTube is a great medium, but it’s designed with a captive audience in mind. Podcasts are easily downloadable and can be taken anywhere. Plus, you don’t have to sit there and wait for your video to buffer.

Will all previous recordings be posted to the podcast feed?

Unfortunately, no. We’re starting the podcast stream with Gary Chartier’s “We Should Abandon The Term ‘Capitalism,'” and going forward we’ll be posting recordings simultaneously, but we don’t have the audio files for previous recordings.

Will the podcasts only be available on iTunes or Stitcher Radio?

No! If you use a podcatcher that isn’t iTunes or Stitcher, you can always ask us to submit the RSS feed to it! Also, in most cases you can copy-paste the RSS feed into whatever you use, and download new episodes as they arrive.

What’s going to be on the C4SS Podcast Network, or C4SS Media?

Well, that’s a great question. Right now, the only thing we know for sure is that we’ll be posting the article recordings, and I know that I’ll be doing a podcast version of Missing Comma, but that’s all for the moment.

C4SS Media is still in its infancy, and as time goes by, more stuff will be added to it. We’re always willing to take suggestions!

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