The Dressing Down of Rahm Emanuel

It seems Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is taking a bit of a dressing down of late, due to the following, according to Stephanie Condon at CBS News:

“White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel today will meet at the White House with a handful of advocates for people with intellectual disabilities, following an incident in which he called a group of liberals ‘retarded.’

“Emanuel came under fire from former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, whose son has Down Syndrome, and groups like the Special Olympics after it was reported that he told liberal activists in a private meeting that they were ‘F-ing retarded.’”

There are a lot of things that make me wonder about this incident. First off, it doesn’t seem implausible that Emanuel would insult a bunch of true liberals the way he did – even though my first thought is that he’s merely describing himself. However, I guarantee that not one of the Democrat politicos Emanuel was yelling at qualifies as a “liberal.” After all, people who are truly liberal don’t engage in the Government Creed at all – which is essentially Pay and Obey…or Die. Neither Demopublicans nor Republocrats deviate from this arrogant and dangerous credo one bit (with a partial exception extended to Ron Paul). Secondly, however, in a certain sense, Emanuel is correct (though he also seems to hypocritically exclude himself): One’s intellect is “retarded” if one cannot renunciate coercive violence in the name of accomplishing one’s economic and social goals. And of course, all political government is first and foremost grounded upon a cult of sheer violence. Everything government does amounts to coercive force, and ultimately, the threat of death if resistance to such initiation of aggression is met with concomitant force. No one who advocates what governments do and how they do it can ever claim to occupy any moral high ground whatsoever. It is exclusively comprised of thieves, liars, and killers and those who enable such.

Another thought, too, is the First Amendment. True, no one is suggesting Emanuel be arrested and jailed for this incident, but with all the advocacy for restrictions on “hate speech” and enhanced penalties for commissions of so-called “hate crimes,” where is the similar intolerance for Emanuel’s indiscretionary tirade? Might it be that he gets away with it because of his political status? The fact that he’s Jewish? The fact that he has publicly apologized? Or is Amendment 1 to be selectively applied? Perhaps government is most accurately described as a group of individuals who, for the most part, do whatever they want whenever they want without a whole lot of consideration for the very “laws” and constitutions, and various edicts they themselves create. They simply intend to use such against we, the taxpaying peons, in order to more effectively control, exploit, and enslave us.

Yes, Emanuel’s latest reputed statement is ugly, but also not entirely undeserved given who he directed it at. At any event, it’s good to see some infighting amongst the ravening hyenas, and jackals, and bloodlustful monsters. At least while they’re preoccupied with doing so, they’re leaving the rest of us alone. Did I say it was ugly? Yeah, it is all right – but not just this specific incident. It’s government: the idea, the institution itself, all of it in sum total.

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