Anarchism? Amen.

In a just released Associated Press article, it seems that a group of United Nations climatologists announced that a conclusion drawn in a 2007 report by another wing of that self-same world governmental body – the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – is unsupported by factual scientific data. To wit, the panel held that glaciers atop the Himalaya Mountains will be gone by 2035, unless significant reductions in man-made carbon emissions are made.

This should surprise no one who’s been paying attention to the whole dumb show, especially in light of the recently hacked “Climategate” e-mails. It’s obvious to all but the village idiot that man-made climate change is bunk – a purely political scare tactic designed to drive support for greater government control over populations, impose heavy “carbon” taxes on entire nations and to move the world closer to centralized global government under U.N. auspices.

So it was in such lucidity that I also read another disgustingly ignorant editorial in Vermont’s Rutland Herald titled, “A Fighting Spirit,” in which pro-government/anti-market sentiments were at an almost hysterical pitch.

As a sidenote, and without in any way buying into the shell game of party politics – or even government in general, for that matter – Left Democrats are both desperate and furious at the moment because of the recent special election in Massachusetts that put a Right Republican in the late Ted Kennedy’s seat and has grossly upset the Democrat majority in the U.S. Senate. This is the first time usually leftist Massachusetts voters have sent an RR to the Senate since 1972. Indeed, even to non-voting anarchists, the prospect that mandatory socialist Obamacare might be delayed, modified – or even derailed altogether – is a welcome one.

However that, these events are likely more than a tad responsible for the tone in the aforementioned editorial. Indeed, in speaking of things like “climate change,” energy, jobs, taxes, and education, the Rutland Herald said this:

“Republicans oppose all of these things on the basis of the discredited notion that big government and taxes are the root of all our problems. To the contrary, it is their discredited notion that is at the root of many of our problems.”

Wow. I guess this undereducated excuse for an editorialist would really hate an anarchist like me if he actually thinks Republicans are anti-government. What amazes me more is how he can call anti-government/anti-tax philosophy “discredited” – when it has never even been placed into practice to begin with. You cannot have government and a free-market economy at the same time. They are mutually exclusive concepts, okay?

And now that Economics 101 is over, it seems to me that a little idea known as the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, after only 75 years of clinging dogmatically to such blind lunacy. True, Cuba and North Korea are hobbling along in pathetic fashion – and I’ll admit that U.S. government and U.N. government sanctions have done their share of damage respectively – but those things are far from being at the root of the problems faced by such backwards, government-saturated societies.

A good book for the children playing Marx & Engels at the Rutland Herald is Ludwig von Mises’ “The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality,” originally published in 1956, and even more valid in today’s Obamistic assault on liberties. The closing two paragraphs read:

“Communism would have today, after the disillusionment brought by the deeds of the Soviets and the lamentable failure of all socialist experiments, but little chance of succeeding in the West if it were not for this faked anticommunism [read, faked respect for freedom, sic].

“What alone can prevent the civilized nations of Western Europe, America and Australia from being enslaved by the barbarism of Moscow [read government in general, sic] is open and unrestricted support of laissez-faire capitalism.”

In other words, Anarchism. Amen.

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