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A dialogue between an individualist anarchist and a communist anarchist on freedom, competition, equality, and a world without rulers. By Rosa Slobodinsky (an individualist writer and physician) and Voltairine de Cleyre, a writer and lecturer who Emma Goldman described as the most gifted and brilliant anarchist woman America ever produced.

You are the apostle of capitalistic Anarchism!

Capitalistic Anarchism? Oh, yes, if you choose to call it so. Names are indifferent to me; I am not afraid of bugaboos. Let it be so, then, capitalistic Anarchism…

Free competition. Why do you make that demand? Isn’t competition free now?

No. But one of the three factors in production is free. Laborers are free to compete among themselves, and so are capitalists to a certain extent. But between laborers and capitalists there is no competition whatever, because through governmental privilege granted to capital … the owners of it are enabled to keep the laborers dependent on them for employment, so making the condition of wage-subjection perpetual.

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