John Boehner, The Real Political Rebellion Is Right Here

According to ABC News on November 4, recent Republican wins in gubernatorial elections in both New Jersey and Virginia prompted Ohio congressman John Boehner to say:

“There’s a political rebellion going on in America, and what we saw last night was just a glimpse of it.”

Mind you, Boehner is not referring to New Hampshire’s “Free State” (although I heartily support the movement, the name is oxymoronic and self-contradictory – rather like saying “White Black” or “Alive Dead”) Project, the throngs of consistent non-voters, or the content of this website. What he’s suggesting is nothing less than so preposterous a notion that a return to the GOP side of the coin in government at any level is some kind of victory. To wit, that yet another flip-flopping in the endless conundrum of idiocy involved in electoral politics makes some kind of substantial difference.

News to Boehner (not that he doesn’t, at root, know it already): Shifting power from one group of usurping thugs to another constitutes nothing of any value at all. Voting and elections will not eliminate taxation. It will not increase individual liberty. These endless dispicable goings-on can only and exclusively produce the opposite result. To lend any legitimacy to political government in any form – by voting or otherwise – is to essentially endorse bullying, thievery, kidnapping, and outright murder – so long as those committing such tyrannical atrocities are in the employ, at taxpayer expense, of course, of a government.

This scatalogical conclusion cannot hold water whenever even a modicum of reason and compassion is applied to such a notion. It is, at day’s end, only a lunatic or a psychopath who believes that it’s perfectly all right to impose services (that’s right, impose, since taxpayers have no real choice to choose to not purchase services that those in government propose to provide whether anyone in particular wants or consents to them or not) literally under the threat of property seizure, imprisonment, and even death. Yet, through the tragedy of government-controlled tax financed public schools, mass media, and mass conditioning – to say nothing of outright armed intimidation – this view is the prevailing one amongst American society. It is only, at present, organizations such as Center for a Stateless Society and other free-market anarchist groups who are truly speaking out in a way that proposes real and effective “change” – certainly not the Obamanoids and other hardline statists whose every solution stems from ever growing and more intrusive government…an institution that relies almost exclusively on violence for its survival.

Yes, there is a political rebellion going on in America – but not the phony one espoused by John Boehner. It’s happening right here at C4SS and other similar websites. It’s happening whenever more people become principled non-voters. It’s happening whenever people quit their government jobs, never to go back. It’s happening whenever people find practical means of withholding money from the government. It’s happening in the increasing attention this subject and philosophy is getting on the Internet – the core of modern alternative media. It’s happening every time someone becomes thoughtful and decides to set down the violent gun wielded by the State in lieu of respect for the liberty and property of others. This is where the real political rebellion is happening.

And wherever and whoever you may be, I’d like to invite you to join us in evolving your mind, and changing the world.

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