Media Coordinator Update, 05/11/12

Dear C4SS Supporters,

This week I’ve submitted 12,649 Center op-eds to 2,762 publications worldwide, and have identified six media “pickpups” of our material:

Because I am vain, this week’s reciprocal blogospheric link love isn’t pseudo-random — it goes out to three publications that ran one of my pieces: Ludwig von Mises Italia, Fai info, and Movimento Libertario.

OK, OK, it’s not all about personal vanity — just mostly. I also wanted to highlight how much of our stuff is being published around the globe in non-English languages, on blogs that span a pretty big ideological segment, thanks in large part to volunteer translators — some of whom have communicated with us to let us know what they’re doing with our stuff, some of whom haven’t, and to all of whom we are very grateful.

Blog pickups aren’t something that I can really take any personal credit for as the Center’s media coordinator — I concentrate on “mainstream media” submissions — but I suspect that our blog presence is at least as important, and it seems to be growing and spreading. Which is very, very cool.

Another thing that’s important, but apparently not growing and spreading very fast, is financial support for the Center’s work. Please help with that. We don’t eat a lot, but we gotta eat. $30k per year would not just support what we’re doing now, but allow us to expand, and that means that five bucks a month from you would be a VERY significant contribution. Are five (on average) published market anarchist op-eds per week worth five bucks a month to you? If so, please act on that valuation. And have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society

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