Find Your Philosophy Quiz

Someone who chooses to marry should marry a different-sex partner of the same ethnic group.

Positions of power tend to attract those most likely to want to acquire power and most adept at doing so—people who are ambitious and unprincipled

Torture is an appropriate tool for information-gathering in war

The objectives politicians say they are pursuing when they call for war are usually the objectives they really are pursuing.

If someone who claims some land abandons it, someone else should be able to claim it by occupying it and using it.

People suspected of involvement in terrorism should not receive the same procedural protections as those accused of other crimes

Where it occurs, the large-scale ownership of land reflects military and political effort—it is initiated and maintained by force

If you belong to a particular cultural, ethnic, or religious group, you should accept most or all aspects of the group's identity as a package: at least in general, you should neither ignore them or seek to change them

In Western societies today, big business is a persecuted minority group

To ensure that people grow up embracing common values, it is crucial that everyone be required or heavily encouraged to attend government schools

Going to war saps a society’s resources and leads to dramatic increases in government power.

It is reasonable to restrict people’s access to accurate information during war-time for their own good

Preventive military action against a society or group not engaged in active preparation for an attack can be appropriate.

It is morally appropriate to attack noncombatants in order to hasten the end of an otherwise just war.

Criminal penalties should be used to discourage people from consuming chemical substances widely agreed to be harmful

Having too many choices or options is fundamentally daunting and anxiety-inducing thus people’s freedom should be constrained for their own well-being

It’s perfectly OK for individuals to define their own roles and identities without regard to gender expectations

Birth and breeding fit some people for positions of command and others for positions of service

While they should feel free to offer advice, parents should not typically use emotional or economic pressure to control adolescents' sexual activity

Ordinary workers lack the talents, skills, and temperaments they would need if they were to try to organize their work-lives and make managerial or executive-level decisions

If I vote in an election for officials of a government, I am agreeing that the government rightly exercises authority over me

When people harm one another our focus should be on protecting potential victims and securing restitution, rather than punitive measures.

A government may justifiably make war against another government in order to bring about the adoption of desirable social and political values in the society ruled by that government

States may sometimes justly use military force to promote the economic interests of their citizens

Using military force in distant lands is often necessary to protect a society against future attack

Without intellectual property people wouldn't have sufficient incentive to invent or create.

Rich societies should share wealth with people in poor societies by allowing free entry to the goods and services they produce, rather than imposing trade barriers on them, and by permitting them to immigrate freely.

Opposition to a government's policies during war-time can be detrimental to morale or empower one's enemies and thus requires some level of suppression

Increased surveillance protects everyone's security and threatens only those who wish to conceal inappropriate behavior

Legal restrictions on media content are appropriate if they are designed to protect children's innocence

Engaging in sex is wrong outside marriage

The concentration of wealth in today’s economy results from the natural operation of the market.

If economic arrangements were significantly more just than they are at present, it would be much easier for people to work in partnerships or cooperatives or to work for themselves

Tariffs and subsidies should be used to encourage people to buy the products of domestic rather than foreign manufacturers

Government central planners can often set production levels and determine distribution patterns for goods and services more rationally than producers and consumers

When politicians and generals say that the rules of civilized warfare are being respected in a military conflict, we can usually believe them

People who work at an organization should be entitled to take it over if it is primarily supported by tax dollars or if the majority of its assets result from government-granted monopoly privileges.

Uncertainty, change, and risk are negative and should be suppressed

The government should be able to draft people to serve in the military

Big business and government ordinarily work hand in hand, though one partner is sometimes more powerful than the other

One government’s use of force against another often breeds resentment and provokes retaliation even by people with no love for the government under attack

Dissent and diversity help to keep an association, community, or society healthy

To ensure the safety of ordinary people, the state should confiscate privately owned weapons or strictly regulate their use

The belief that people should be basically equal in social status is morally reprehensible and destructive

People with the capacity to deploy vast quantities of military power should use that power to promote stability, trade, and democracy around the world

I should participate in and support mutual aid institutions or other social institutions that assist people who are poor, sick, or handicapped

People have the right to fight police in self-defense just like they might any other aggressor

The need to protect people from violence justifies a government in claiming a monopoly of force in a given territory

Laws and social norms protecting freedom of speech should safeguard only the expression of true beliefs

Vigorous social authority—embodied in the family, the religious congregation, and other mediating institutions—is a bedrock of the good society

Threatening to use weapons of mass destruction against noncombatant populations is reasonable if doing so seems likely to prevent war

Presuming I accept money or other benefits from a government, I cannot reasonably challenge that government's legitimacy

People should be punished for distributing texts or images others find offensive.

There is no way effectively to provide goods and services like roads, lighthouses, defense, the prevention of pollution, and protection against economic insecurity without government

An entity that offers vital services to the public must be able to require everyone to pay for its services to keep some people from being “free riders.”

People should be able to move freely around the world, not limited by borders