Nayako Sadashi

Nayako Sadashi was born in Thailand, from a Surinam father, and a Jewish mother. After he was eight, they moved to Hilversum in Holland, since his dad could work there as a movie editor Nayako studied politics, in his/her own spare time, getting messages, from above, and below, and side to side. (Nayako talked with the spirit of Pierre Joseph Proudhon, through voodoo, when on holiday in Paris ) Nayako's favorite schools in anarchism are: individualism, syndicalism, collectivism, and mutualism. Nayako's favorite writers, in anarchism are: Michael Bakunin, Piere Joseph Proudhon, Bob Black, Murray Bookchin, Renzo Novatore, Albert Libertad, and of course, Jean Paul Sarte. After being a libertarian, he/she/it became an anarchist, since he is libertarian, but doesn't believe in capitalism anymore. Nayako Sadashi is a member of the Dutch Free union and wants to try, to establish mutualist banking, in Europe.


Wat Is Anarcho-Mutualisme?
25 Jul 2019
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