Media Coordinator Update, 10/14/11

Dear C4SS Supporters,

This week, I’ve submitted 10,016 Center op-eds to 2,801 publications. At present, I’ve confirmed seven “pickups” of those op-eds:

  • Sheldon Richman’s “Wall Street Couldn’t Have Done it Alone” appeared in Media With Conscience News on October 10; the Deming, New Mexico Headlight and the Carroll County, Maryland Standard on October 11; and Counterpunch on October 14. Actually, it’s also appeared in other publications, but these were the four that I am reasonably certain originated with C4SS, which was not its only point of original publication.
  • My own “Pre-Occupied in St. Louis” ran in Massachusetts’s South Coast Today on October 11 and in the St. Joseph, Missouri Telegraph [PDF] on October 13.
  • Kevin Carson’s “Which Side Are You On?” ran in Counterpunch (as “Libertarians and Occupy Wall Street”) on October 14.

Best wishes to Rocco Stanzione, who’s been volunteering with the Center as a proofreader/editor (and doing fine work!), but has decided to move on to other things. We’ll miss him.

New book goodness edited by, and featuring, Center peeps! Getcher advance orders in now for Markets Not Capitalism, edited by Center advisors Gary Chartier and Charles Johnson and featuring several of our writers (and non-Center-affiliated names you’ll recognize). Official release date: November 5.

No random reciprocal blogospheric link love this week, guys. For reasons unrelated to my work at C4SS, I’ve been awake for about 30 hours right now, and I consider myself lucky to be able to get the bare bones covered without descending into some kind of rhetorical freakout or digression about hallucinatory bats or some such. You know, I could write something really brutal right now, just randomly savage some unsuspecting bystander, then blame it on sleep deprivation induced incoherence … wait, did I just type that?

Have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
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