Media Coordinator Update, 06/24/11

Dear C4SS supporters,

This week, I’ve submitted 9,278 Center op-eds to 2,819 publications, and have five “pickups” to report so far:

Random reciprocal blogospheric link love: Cop Block, The Postmodern Tribune, and MarkGanzersInsanityBlog.

I try not to bring up fundraising every week in this report, but now seems as good a time as any, what with several Center personnel “in the field” at Porcfest in New Hampshire, etc. I just got paid for the first half of February, and have made my usual donation of $100 per month ($50 in this case, pro rata) back to the Center. If you’re the matching type, feel free to match. Or if it inspires you to contribute 1/10th as much, or ten times as much, that’s great too.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society

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