C4SS Media Coordinator Update, 05/27/11

Dear C4SS Supporters,

I’ve got a problem. It’s a great problem to have, but it’s still a problem, and it goes something like this:

I try to set aside time every day to Google for C4SS op-ed “pickups,” on a “look back 24 hours” basis. When I can’t avoid missing a day, I search back a full week.

But even at the “daily basis” level, we’re starting to enjoy enough blogosphere links, etc., that I’m afraid I’m missing “mainstream media” pickups among the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of results that my searches return.

It got even “worse” — read “better” — this week when our own Kevin Carson got name-checked in Forbes, and when alternative currency blogs (e.g.) noticed his recent thoughts on Bitcoin.

Like I said, it’s a good problem to have. But I’m asking your help in solving it. If you notice a C4SS op-ed in a publication that you consider even nominally “mainstream” — a daily newspaper, newsstand magazine, what have you — please drop me a line. If you’re unsure whether or not I might have already noticed it, just visit our “press room” and see if the link is mentioned there if you like. Thanks in advance.

So far this week I’ve found only six pickups:

Not as many pickups as I’d have liked, but a nice mix — an important first-time picker-upper and a long-time partner in Asia, and two old North American friends we hadn’t seen in awhile.

As for what’s out there waiting to be picked up, I submitted 10,271 Center op-eds to 2,818 publications this week, and have actually had more reply queries than usual already (including one from an editor in Alaska who objected to a particular phrase, but otherwise found the piece interesting enough to consider; we talked it over).

Have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society

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