Media Coordinator, 05/13/11

Dear C4SS Supporters,

Friday the 13th … it doesn’t feel unlucky.

I’ve got “only” eight media “pickups” to report this week (my goal at the moment is to get the average up to 10 per week), but in addition to some long-time partners, those pickups represent publication in at least two countries where our material hasn’t appeared before to my knowledge, as well as our first publication in “the conservative voice of Arizona.”

  • Kevin Carson’s “The Defeat of the United States by al Qaeda” appeared on May 7 in the Portland, Oregon Skanner, and on May 9 in Islam Daily (a Muslim religious publication of indeterminate location) and Effedieffe (an Italian Catholic newspaper) as “Come al-Qaeda ha sconfitto gli USA.”
  • “Those Libyan ‘Freedom Fighters’: The Fix is On,” also by Carson, ran on May 10 at, and on May 12, as “Libyali ‘ozgurluk savascılari,'” in two Turkish publications, Dunya Bulteni and Kizil Bayrak.
  • On May 11, Arizona’s Sonoran News published Carson’s “Hillary Clinton Lets the Cat Out of the Bag” on the web and, I’m given to understand, to its 40,000+ “dead tree” readership.
  • On May 14th (yes, I know it’s just the 13th here … “and yet it moves”), The Dhaka, Bangladesh New Nation ran David D’Amato’s “Japan’s Broken Windows.”

This week, I submitted a total of 11,273 Center op-eds to 2,819 publications, on every continent except Antarctica.

Random reciprocal link love to the blogosphere: UrukNet, Rad Geek People’s Daily, and The Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society

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