Help Support Roderick Long

Roderick Tracy Long is in need of financial help. Our readers are likely to be familiar with his contributions to our site. And whether in appreciation of those writings and/or human empathy in general may want to help Roderick Long out. He is accepting gifts via GoFundMe and asks people to email or message him on Facebook about “loans” and “other options.”

To quote from his Facebook update:

Most of my debts and high-interest loans were paid off, and I was working away at reducing the remainder. The summer, as usual, was lean – reduced salary. Then I had a massive water leak that the water company admits wasn’t my fault (my neighbours, now evicted, were leaving the outdoor spigots on, theirs and mine both) but they’re still charging me for most of it. Last week I had to have emergency dental surgery (a jagged tooth was jabbing painfully into my tongue), not covered by my dental insurance. Had to go back for another high-interest loan for those. Then today I found out a creditor is in the process of sucking a couple of thousand dollars out of my account. Other bills are coming due and I don’t see how to pay them.

There is more information at the link below. Please help!

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