Mutual Exchange Radio: Anthony Di Franco on Counter Culture Labs

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A little late, but still here, our last episode of the season features Anthony Di Franco, co-founder and board member at Counter Culture Labs. In this episode we continue to touch on anarchist thought in action by taking a close look at Counter Culture Labs, a group of biohackers in Oakland which houses the Open Insulin project, an effort to develop open technology for insulin production at microbrewery scale and organize patient-led cooperatives to manufacture it. Anthony works at the intersections of complex adaptive systems and computing and focuses on developing convivial technologies, decentralizing infrastructure, and increasing the agency of individuals and communities.

In our next season — which starts at the end of January — we’ll return to the more theoretical side of anarchism, with interviews of C4SS senior fellow Roderick Long, and William Nava of “Who Shaves the Barber.” We’ll also have a lot of surprise guests along the way and, of course, bonus content for our supporters on Patreon. If you’re not already a C4SS patron, you’re currently missing out on an end of the year bonus episode with Kevin Carson, Roderick Long, and William Gillis!

Together, they share a bit of center history, the founding story of C4SS, and lots of funny memories from over the years.

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