Media Coordinator Update, 12/03/10

Dear C4SS supporters,

I’ll start with the bad news first:

Thus far, I’ve only been able to verify one “mainstream media pickup” of a C4SS commentary in the last week. That would be the Deming, New Mexico Headlight, which ran Ross Kenyon’s “Hanker for a Hunk of Corporatism?” on November 29th.

In better news, the Times of India linked to David D’Amato’s “The State Serves Poison as Food” yesterday, and (which has a readership bigger than most “mainstream” print newspapers) ran my own “If This Be Treason …” on Wednesday.

I also saw what seems to be a “ghost” of a pickup in Dimapur, India’s Morung Express (which has published C4SS content before), but the Google search result (which included my byline) led to a 404. I don’t know if they reconsidered or what. That one may pan out yet, though.

And while it is not, strictly speaking, a C4SS “pickup,” it’s still cool: C4SS adviser Sheldon Richman’s “Wikileaks: Bradley Manning isn’t a criminal. He’s a hero.” ran in the Christian Science Monitor on November 29th.

Excuses for the “slow” week? My guess is that it was a combination of things. Submissions of C4SS commentaries to newspapers were down last week (as I had forewarned), and holiday weekends tend to sow chaos on that whole front. Some newspapers go a day or more without publishing, or with a lot of staff absent and unable to spare time for considering “over the transom” submissions. Others concentrate exclusively on the holiday fallout. And our submissions were in fact front-loaded toward the beginning of last week, leaving a big black “dead space” toward the end.

Submissions are back up this week: I’ve sent 9,970 pieces of C4SS commentary to 2,701 newspapers. My prediction is that pickups will be back up in the 5-10 range next week, and we’ll try to work upward from there.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society

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