The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 164

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses why the CIA and U.S. national security state are at the root of the crisis on the Korean peninsula.

Mitchell Plitnick discusses Bibi’s settlement scam.

JP Sottile discusses Islam and critiques of it.

Doug Bandow discusses the potential for further intervention in Syria under Trump.

Trevor Timm discusses Trump’s warmongering.

Jeffrey Miron discusses the perspective of Jeff Sessions on the War on Drugs.

Mehdi Hasan discusses a Nobel Peace Prize winnter who is now apologizing for genocide.

Robert Fisk discusses Sean Spicer’s recent comment on Assad and Hitler.

Yoav Litvin discusses the Israeli reaction to Trump’s recent attack on Syria.

Lucy Stegierwald discusses Trump as war president.

Ramzy Baroud discusses Palestine and annversiaries.

William J. Astore discusses the doomsday machine that is the U.S. military.

George H. Smith discusses the tendency of abolitionists to push anti-acholol stuff too.

Sheldon Richman discusses Trump’s recent Syria strike and the nature of the American political system.

Gene Healy discusses the illegality of Trump’s recent attack on Syria.

Uri Avnery discusses the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Glenn Greenwald discusses the threat to Wikileaks.

Murtaza Hussain discusses the repression of the U.S. backed regime in Bahrain.

Doug Bandow discusses why Trump shouldn’t have launched missiles at Syria.

Daniel Larison discusses the famine in Yemen.

Daniel Larison discusses the delusions of interventionists.

Daniel Larison discusses the alleged “good” intervention.

Mitchell Plitnick discusses Sean Spicer’s chemical weapons gaffes.

James J. Zogby discusses the threats faced by Christians in the Middle East.

Dave Lindorff discusses U.S. foreign policy in the age of Trump.

Franlkin Lamb discusses Palestinian rights in Lebanon.

Matthew Harwood discusses influence that racist legislation in America had on Nazi law.

Medea Benjamin discusses Trump’s escalation of wars.

Steve Chapman discusses why the recent attack on Syria is the wrong kind of humanitartian intervention.

Anna Lekas Miller discusses the victim from a U.S. bombardment of Mosul.

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