The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 162

Patrick Cockburn discusses the war in Mosul between ISIS and the U.S. backed Iraqi govt.

Ramzy Baroud discusses the BDS movement and attempts to quash it.

Medea Benjamin discusses the potential for a famine in Yemen if U.S. backed military action continues.

John W. Dower discusses the body count for the American century.

Jared Labell discusses why we need total nuclear weapon abolition.

Robert Koehler discusses how many civilian dead are acceptable.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the devestation to civilians in Mosul.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the surreal world of foreign interventionism.

Binoy Kampmark discusses civilian deaths and the war in Mosul.

Peter Certo discusses U.S. killing of civilians in Iraq and Syria.

Evan W. Sandlin discusses the U.S. backed attack on Mosul and the Russian backed attack on Aleppo.

Natascha Uhlmann discusses the death of a undocumented migrant in ICE custody.

Ronald Bailey discusses whether Muslims commit mostg U.S. terrorist attacks.

Tate Fegley discusses ending the state’s monopoly on policing.

Robert Higgs discusses the illogic of anti-immigranists.

Sheldon Richman discusses TGrump and non-interventionism.

William J. Astore discusses the potential for a U.S. war with Iran.

George Leef discusses a book about the govt denying people access to drugs.

Daniel Larison discusses the Saudi led coalition around the war in Yemen and its slaughtering of refugeees.

John Feffer discusses the additional money Trump wants to throw at the Pentagon.

Jonathan Cook discusses Bibi and the Israeli right’s war against BDS.

David Swanson discusses the unresolved Korean conflict.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses bringing the troops home.

Medea Benjamin discusses how TGrump hasn’t ended U.S. wars.

Jeffrey D. Sachs discusses why the U.S. should withdraw from the Middle East.

Cora Currier discusses cell phone searches at the U.S. border.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses Nazi Germany and the drug war policies of many governments the world over.

Jared Labell discusses the allegation that one of Trump’s appointees was responsible for war crimes in Iraq.

Robert Naiman discusses the potential for further U.S. military action in Yemen and how to stop it.

Bonnie Kristian discusses the indifference to unconstitutional foreign policy.

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